How to create a green energy brand from scratch and present it in a non-trivial format?
Eli is a supplier of 100% green energy, an innovative startup based on blockchain technology.
to develop a branding for an energy company from scratch, together with the creation of a deployed positioning
Departing from typical energy branding, Eli adopted a nature-inspired palette and a distinct corporate identity. Combined with blockchain's innovation and strategic eco-partnerships, a powerful, unique positioning in the green energy market was achieved.
We analyzed other companies from the energy sector and based on this we came to the conclusion that they all use a standard color scheme. So we chose a more interesting color combination, which also has a reference to nature.

We developed a unique corporate identity, which makes the company easily recognizable among the audience.
Developed a communication strategy and positioning of the company, showing its advantage from the first "meeting".

Formed the company's goals and mission, taking into account ECO trends in today's world.

We implemented modern promotion channels based on trends in the Austrian and European markets.
Created a positive ECO image as a supplier of 100% green energy
Partnership with major players in the green energy market, to raise the issue of renewable energy sources in the country.