HAMAKA is a contemporary lifestyle brand transforming the smoking experience with designer accessories inspired by free-spirited vibes.
Create a communication strategy focused on transcending conventional boundaries while drawing inspiration from cultural influences, with a specific emphasis on creating a website and designing packaging.

HAMAKA is a forward-thinking lifestyle brand that elevates the smoking experience with artistic creations inspired by the spirit of the 70s, encouraging mindfulness and captivating consumers through immersive visual storytelling.
in order to meet the goals set, a dynamic brand strategy was proposed that positioned the brand as unique in its industry. Rather than conforming to conventional standards, sought to redefine them. Hamaka will differentiate itself from other companies through a concept that encourages metaphysical exploration, creativity and wonder.

This approach will allow the company to state its differences in a relaxed manner, effectively communicating the essence of its new vision.
Launched an innovative communications strategy that incorporates visual stories and interactive elements that effectively engage audiences and increase brand awareness.

Developed a website design inspired by theater of the absurd that not only attracts visitors, but also serves as a dynamic sales and marketing platform, allowing the company to effectively communicate its unique ethos.

Created unique packaging concepts that are intricately combined with the corporate identity. These concepts emphasize the aesthetic appeal of the product range, attracting discerning consumers and increasing sales potential.