How to change the company's brand from A to Z and at the same time stay in the leading positions?
Complete rebranding of the company due to changes in professional activity.

The company was a branch of the Austrian construction company Weissenseer in Kazakhstan and was engaged in the construction of energy-efficient buildings and structures made of wooden structures only. Since the real estate market in Kazakhstan differs from Europe, the owners decided to work with different materials when creating projects, but in this case the company would no longer be able to work under the name Weissenseer Holz-System-Baum.
Creating an absolutely new brand unlike anyone else, with a unique product.

Kazakhstan's market is saturated with large construction companies, which gives rise to very strong competition. Therefore, why do the same as everyone else, if you can make it cooler.

SIG construction designs and builds the most energy efficient buildings and structures in the world! And at the same time does not declare it ... rather strange, isn't it?

Therefore, we proposed to do the following:

New positioning of the company, showing the advantage of the company from the first "meeting".

Formation of new goals and mission of the company, taking into account ECO trends in the modern world.

Introduction of modern promotion channels based on the trends of the Kazakhstan market.

Creating a positive ECO-image as the first construction company that is not indifferent to environmental problems in Kazakhstan.

Partnership with major players in the real estate market, to raise the relevance of the issue of energy-efficient buildings in the country.
A branch of an Austrian company that no one knows about and has never heard of. With a very cool project, but an unformulated idea that has no mission.


The company that is talked about!

Raising recognition, thanks to the activity in the company's social networks.

Partnership with large construction companies in Kazakhstan, due to correctly formulated positioning and a unique trade offer.

An increase in the influx of B2B and B2C customers by 8 times, as a result of good advertising targeting campaigns.