Can an investment company be serious, but at the same time modern and trending?
Development of branding for an investment company, together with the creation of a detailed positioning.

When a year ago we received a request for an investment company project, we immediately thought, "well, now we have to do standard and boring branding," but later we were so happy that it turned out to be a startup headed by a young and creative CEO. Young entrepreneurs are people of action, so they do not fly in dreams, but immediately realize everything in the shortest possible time. They are not only ready to conquer the peaks of business, but also not to be afraid of experiments!
when developing a project, try to think as non-standard as possible for a company related to money. Avoid stereotypical colors and solutions that are commonly used in commercial organizations. Describe not just the idea of the company, but also the rest of the positioning blocks, based on the personal characteristics of the CEO.

No matter what industry the company operates in, it has the right to an interesting and creative life!

What solution have we proposed?

When designing a logo, remove all sharp corners in order to initially soften the "importance" of the company, thereby morally reassure a person when contacting the logo.

Use very light and soft tones in branding, which will help emotionally facilitate the first meeting of the client with the brand. Light peach and sky blue were chosen by us for several reasons: they are quite atypical for banking and investment companies; the combination of the two colors gives a warm-cold contrast pleasant to the human eye.

The logo is based on the idea of a fingerprint, in order to show "You trust people, not a (faceless) nameless company."

We also reflected the idea of trust in the company's slogan "You know who to trust - we know where to invest.
SIG Investments has a modern branding and logo that not only reflects all the openness, lightness and simplicity, but also causes a desire to trust from the first meeting.

The company now has a full-fledged look and can enter the market with the right values, mission and ideology.
«Ground-breaking tools for increasing your capital» and we know it’s TRUE!