Simple and complex website for a recording studio at the same time? Easily!
to create a restrained, but also interesting and trending website for a company engaged in sound production.

10 years ago, we wouldn’t even have thought that anyone would have the opportunity to record their own track ... but today absolutely everything has become available to us!

The owner of VibeStudio turned to us for help in creating a website with a single request - "please make it simple and understandable." But we couldn't just create an ordinary and boring website, it was much more important for us to make it stylish. Also, our designers suggested creating a new logo for the company.
Create an updated logo that will be executed in popular design trends and will not cause a direct association with music. Then implement a website that meets all the parameters of modern web design.
Logo in a trendy “font” style. The black color was taken as the basis to display the musical theme. In combination with black was chosen a warm orange color, close to the color of the "Record" button.

A concise and capacious website, with a fascinating design. Also with different elements of motion design from which the visitor cannot take his eyes off.

And the most important thing - a satisfied and happy customer!